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by Stanislav DENISOV, General Director, GAMMA-7 Information Science Center (Moscow)

Gripped with our daily chores, we tend to forget, or ignore, the fact of being constantly exposed to an aggressive electromagnetic environment. At home-these are microwave stoves and TV sets, videos and music centers, in the office-there are computers and xeroxes, faxes and cordless phones, and out in the street we have more of the same, such as high-tension cables, power equipment, etc. Electromagnetic smog, accentuated by X-rays, ultraviolet and radioactive emissions, is part and parcel of our modern habitat and existence.

While stepping up the pace of scientific and technological progress, mankind has pushed itself practically to the brink of existence. According to the RF Ministry of Health, electromagnetic pollution at this country's industrial sites is 27 percent above the maximum permissible, at residential sites the figure is the same and at transport facilities it reaches 30 percent.

The total length of power transmission lines across Russia approaches 6.6 mln km. And every millimeter of this grid generates electromagnetic emissions. What experts call technogenic electromagnetism exceeds by far all other harmful emissions * . Its sum total on the whole of this planet has increased by more than 50 thousand (!) times, and the density of radio emissions has grown by hundreds of millions times.

* See: Ye.Yeskov, "Biological Effects of Electric Fields", Science in Russia, No. 1, 2003. - Ed.

Pages. 24

Artificial space satellites orbiting the Earth are bristling with radio relays, navigational and monitoring gear which all add their share to the emissions from cosmic or space electromagnetic fields (SEF). The globe in these nets is like a bird caught in a cage, and trembling with fear.

In other words, the progress which we measure by the absolute growth of kilowatt- hours, booming industrial outputs and intricate domestic devices has, as every medal, its other and darker side, so to speak. And the price we have to pay for that is our own health. It was back in 1995 that the Security Council of the Russian Federation passed a resolution "On the threat of electromagnetic pollution of the environment". In late 1999 the Russian Academy sponsored the II International Conference on "Problems of electromagnetic safety of man. Fundamental studies. Norms of electromagnetic fields (EMF): philosophy, criteria and harmonization".

And there is no denying the fact that this concern is absolutely justified. Take, for example, your personal computer (PC) which has become part and parcel of our existence in the office and at home and practically regardless of one's age. It has been quite for some time that scientists have been warning us of the health risks produced by hours of sitting in front of our computers. According to US experts, people constantly "chained" to their computers develop different forms of cancer 10 to 15 times more often than others. It has also been proved that pregnant women who spend some 20 hours a week in front of their computers demonstrate twice as high rate of miscarriages than others. And a cause of special concern are the seemingly harmless video games which are fraught with the threat of infantile leucosis.

It has been a long established fact that electromagnetic fields alter the structure of nerve cells, upset blood circulation and reduce immunity.

Experts from the Institute of Labor Hygiene of the RF Ministry of Health have taken special care of professionals who are constantly exposed to hard electromagnetic fields, and now people can be protected from them by special screens, clothing and footwear. Having said that, what about the average Russian?

It seems that there is a ray of hope for him too. Experts of the VOSKHOD R&D enterprise (Moscow) have developed "electricity-conducting" fabric, screening off electromagnetic emissions. This fabric - ecologically pure and consisting of natural components-bears the brand-name of the manufacturer - VOSKHOD. Used for linings of aircraft and helicopter cabins, army vehicles, submarines, power units and service premises, this tissue helps ensure users' safety.

But focusing our attention on the health hazards from electromagnetic emissions, we have been dealing only with the top of the iceberg, so to speak, because the main threat lies deeper inside. These are what are called fine (weak or superweak) physical fields (FPF) * which always accompany EMF, being their indispensable component. Their presence in any objects of nature, living or dead, has been proved by modern science. And deserving of special mention in this respect are the studies of Russian experts-Alexander Gurevich, Alexander Chizhevsky and Pyotr Garyaev (1920s, 1930s and 1980s respectfully). They identified and deciphered earlier than their Western colleagues the presence and biological essence of the new phy-

* See.: A. Zhigalin, "Geophysical Fields - Ecological Factor", Science in Russia, No 2, 2002. - Ed.

Pages. 25

sical phenomena - FPF and biological fields.

Having said that, what about the role of this phenomenon? To begin with, energy- informative and ecological features of every area, and not just cities big and small, are determined by the numbers, capacity and locations of the local generating and "energy-saturated" manufacturing plants and facilities. The efficiency of any of them is always less than one (unit). That means that the amount of energy for their functioning is, as a rule, much higher than that put to rational use. As a result, much of this energy, which could be useful for production, is simply scattered into the environment, which is damaged and polluted. This produces what we call a mechanism of permanently-negative impact upon the biosphere and human habitat as well, as other life on Earth.

And the most characteristic thing is that a considerable share of this "superfluous" energy, getting into the atmosphere, is transformed into phenomena like fine physical fields (FPF). As often as not these fields acquire high anomalous values in their density and intensity. And man and other biological objects and technical devices can function normally only within a certain range of temperatures, pressures, humidity and electromagnetic intensity, etc.

So, what exactly happens to people who are forced by their circumstances to stay in an aggressive technogenic environment of big, medium, or small urban centers or industrial areas? They manifest higher rates of different ailments with a growing share of the most dangerous ones, like cardio-vascular, endocrinal, immune and oncological disorders. In the final analysis, there is a decline of the bioenergetic potential, labor activity and lifespan.

So, what has to be done to rid us of these harmful FPFs in principle? Today this question may be given a positive answer. At our Center of informatics experts have been working for quite some time on special converters of these (FPF) fields. One of them is known as GAMMA-7. N neutralizer which protects man and equipment from the harmful impact of FPF technical devices. The device is contained in a small plastic box, smaller than a pack of cigarettes and weighing 30 g.; it has no habitual control panel or any external power sources.

Inside the neutralizer there is a multistage spiral with a preset ratio of axes from metal alloys. This is the FPF transducer, or converter which usually remains weakly activated. But getting into a zone of any of the above anomalies, the device automatically enters what we call the regime of active opposition to the invisible foe. Under the effect of FPF, energy induction is generated in the spiral whose "super- weak" component becomes "phase-contrary" to the initial anomalous FPF. Their interaction reduces the resulting state to a normal and "safe" level. In other words, there is formed around us an additional invisible screen which "wards off" the anomalous FPF.

Needless to say, the device has underwent scientific-technical and medical-biological tests over many years. One example is the Moscow Center for Studies of Electromagnetic Safety where studies were carried out on volunteers (1996). Experts analyzed the functioning of the main regulatory body systems- the central nervous system, muscular, cardio-vascular and endocrinal. A PC monitor was used as a low- intensity FPF source. Using GAMMA-7. N, experts observed energy growth in the alfa-band of EEG, reduction of muscular tension, tremor, the level of hydrocortisone and other positive changes.

Deserving of special mention is an experiment conducted in 1997 - 2003 at the ZASHCHITA (defense) All-Russia Center of "Disaster" Medicine of the RF Ministry of Health. A group of volunteers was exposed to electromagnetic SHF emissions. Volunteers without neutralizer devices developed slower sensomotoric responses and reduced activity of the central nervous system. Others, who carried GAMMA-7.N registered increases of both these functions.

After numerous tests of neutralizers they were cleared for public use by the Federal Center of SANEPIDEMNADZOR of the Russian Federation (sanitary-and- epidemiological inspection). Positive assessments were also received from the 1st Central Scientific Research Institute of the RF Ministry of Defense (1998), the St. Petersburg State Academy of Physical Culture named after P. Lesgaft (1999 - 2002) and from many other specialists. The main thing now is to accumulate the necessary knowledge and gain the initial experience of using such neutralizers on a mass scale.

These studies are hampered by the lack of highly sensitive measuring devices (of the order of 10 -18 Wt/cm 2 ) and our experts are already developing such instruments. That is why current experiments and tests have to be conducted on biological objects (plant cells, frogs, mice and rats) with volunteers being invited only in certain situations.

Biological objects possess natural high sensitivity to any energetic phenomena. This depends on the natural ability of cells to "transform" FPF into material processes which are effectively detected and measured by modern medical and biological instruments.

Summing it up, at the present stage we assess the FPF intensity indirectly-through the biological response of test-objects. We can only guess about an anomaly associated with the initial energy impact. Authentic conclusions can be reached with the help of "repetitive" results obtained by different investigators and through the accumulation of statistical data.


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